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We have five new schools opening in 2016-17, four elementary schools and one middle school. New schools always mean changes in base attendance areas. We have to fill the new schools, after all! We'd like to hear your feedback if your student's attendance base is affected by one of the new schools. Please comment in the appropriate topic thread below.

Wake County Schools staff made a number of changes to the 2016-17 Student Enrollment Proposal, mostly in response to parent feedback.

The changes are reflected in Draft 2 of the proposal, which was presented to the WCPSS Board of Education on Tuesday afternoon.

Three public information sessions will be held in the next two weeks to help answer questions and gather more input from parents. The meetings will be held at the following locations, all at 7 p.m.

  • Scotts Ridge Elementary School, Oct. 8
  • Leesville Road High School, Oct. 12
  • River Bend Elementary School, Oct. 15

We will also invite another round of parent feedback via this forum. Click on a topic to respond. 

Here are a few of the most significant changes made in Draft 2:

  • Staff is no longer proposing to move some students from the Heritage High base attendance area to the Rolesville High attendance area. Those students, who live in the Rolesville Middle base attendance area, would remain in the Heritage High base.
  • Staff recommends that the Pleasant Union Elementary base feed to Pine Hollow Middle for a calendar match.
  • Staff is no longer proposing to move a portion of the Conn Elementary base attendance area to Underwood. That could happen in the future, but not until overcrowding is relieved at Underwood.

There were many other changes, including adjustments to calendar options and ensuring that we didn't "split" any neighborhoods by assigning them to more than one school. The full presentation can be viewed HERE, with Draft 2 changes highlighted in red.

You can see if you are proposed to be affected by going HERE and typing in your address.


Draft 3 of the enrollment proposal will be presented to the board on Oct. 20. This is the last phase where staff will make recommendations. Any further changes made to Draft 3 will come directly from board direction.

A public hearing will be held Nov. 3. The board will discuss any changes at its Nov. 17 work session. Approval of the 2016-17 Enrollment Plan is slated for Dec. 1.

Thank you for your feedback!

Wake County Schools staff recommends additional changes in the third draft of the 2016-17 Student Enrollment Proposal, which was presented to the school board Tuesday afternoon.

Parent feedback initiated a staff review of several proposals. The following changes are being recommended in Draft 3:

– These neighborhoods would remain based at Leesville Road Elementary:

  • Ashworth Estates
  • Camden Park
  • Cornerstone Park
  • Eastwinds
  • Park at Westgate
  • Westchase
  • Westwind

– Sycamore Creek would no longer have Leesville Road Elementary as a traditional calendar option. Students based at Sycamore Creek would now have the new Pleasant Grove Elementary, opening in 2016, as their calendar option. 

– Portions of the Cedar Fork Elementary base that were proposed to move to Carpenter Elementary would remain at Cedar Fork. Staff is recommending that an enrollment cap be placed at Cedar Fork next year  to control overcrowding. Learn more about enrollment caps.

(A more in-depth explanation of these proposals is below.)

- White Oak Elementary will include both Bigelow Road and Hendricks Road as part of its base attendance area.

The third draft represents the final enrollment proposal that will be generated by Wake County Schools staff. From this point forward, additional changes will be made only by the school board.  

The majority of students affected by the plan would have their base attendance area changed to one of five new schools opening in 2016: Beaverdam Elementary, Pleasant Grove Elementary, Pine Hollow Middle School, Oakview Elementary and White Oak Elementary.

Other proposed base attendance changes are mostly related to reducing crowding at specific schools. Students affected by these changes can choose to remain at their current schools if they provide their own transportation.

If Draft 3 were approved as is, fewer than 3,461 students would be affected – 2.2 percent of the system’s overall student enrollment. More than half of those students would be eligible to “grandfather” and stay at their current school.

The third draft of the plan reflects changes made in response to parent concerns shared online at wcpss.granicusideas.com and in a series of public meetings. The site has drawn about 1,500 participants who left more than 2,000 comments since launching in August.

Parents can click here to find out if their address is part of the draft. 

School board members are scheduled to hold a public hearing on Nov. 3 and then discuss any changes at their Nov. 17 work session.


Leesville Road and Sycamore Creek

The recommendation to leave seven neighborhoods based at Leesville Road Elementary and to change Sycamore Creek's traditional calendar option to Pleasant Grove are directly linked.

Leesville Road Elementary is overcrowded and has 17 modular units to try to accommodate all of its students. That's 12 more trailers than Wake County Schools planners believe is appropriate for that site. 

Staff re-examined the proposal based on parent feedback and found that many students from the Sycamore Creek base attendance area are attending Leesville Road as a calendar option. 

• Staff's recommendation would allow more Leesville Road base students to stay at the school. 

• Crowding relief for Leesville Road would come via moving some Sycamore Creek students out of the school to Pleasant Grove over time. 

• Sycamore Creek-based students who are rising 4th and 5th graders would have the option to remain at Leesville Road as "grandfathered" transfer students next year. 

Cedar Fork

Staff re-examined the proposal and found that crowding at Cedar Fork could be reduced by imposing an enrollment cap.

A major component of our new strategic plan is learning and leaching. The resources and support we provide for teachers and students in the classroom will be critical to our overarching goal of having at least 95 percent of students graduating by 2020.

The input of our teachers, students, parents and community is essential to our success. Please take a few moments to review the questions below. We welcome your thoughts on any or all of the topics you choose.


Discussion: School Bell Schedules

On Tuesday, March 1, the Wake Board of Education considered a recommendation to change the bell schedule for the following schools: Enloe HighFuquay-Varina ElementaryGreen ElementaryKnightdale HighLufkin Middle, and Wendell Middle.   If you have feedback on these changes, please share here. 


On Sept. 6, the Board of Education received Draft 1 of the Enrollment Proposal for the 2017-18 school year.

Almost all of the students affected by the proposal are those proposed to have their base attendance areas changed to one of three new schools opening in 2017: Hortons Creek Elementary, Rogers Lane Elementary and River Bend Middle School.

We encourage you to learn more about the proposal before offering feedback in the discussion topics below.


Questions? We can't answer individual questions. However, we will post answers to frequently asked questions on this site at a later time.


Next step: Draft 2 will be presented to the school board in October.

On Oct. 4, the Wake County Board of Education received Draft 2 of the Enrollment Proposal for the 2017-18 school year.

Since Draft 1 was released last month, staff members have gathered parent feedback via this online forum and at five Board Advisory Council meetings held throughout the district.

Draft 2 spurs another round of public feedback, including this online forum. We will also host two public information sessions, one at Beaverdam Elementary on Oct. 10 and one at Alston Ridge Elementary on Oct. 11. Both meetings will start at 6:30 p.m.

Key discussion points for Draft 2:

  • Prompted by parent feedback, staff looked closely at the Cary Park neighborhood, part of which would have its base attendance area changed the new Hortons Creek Elementary School. After analysis, they recommended no changes. A natural boundary (a lake) separates the portion of Cary Park that would attend Hortons Creek, and it is necessary to move students to both fill Hortons Creek and relieve crowding at Mills Park Elementary School.

  • Alston Ridge Elementary School families asked if the new Hortons Creek Elementary School could be a traditional calendar option for them. Staff is recommending Green Hope and Hortons Creek elementary schools be the calendar options for Alston Ridge instead of Green Hope and Weatherstone elementary schools.

  • Residents of the Southerlyn neighborhood in Cary asked to have their base attendance area changed to Mills Park Middle School. Staff is recommending making this change to correct a calendar mismatch. The neighborhood is currently assigned to traditional calendar White Oak Elementary and year-round calendar Salem Middle School.

  • Staff added more detailed information regarding swing space for upcoming school renovations.

  • Staff corrected the 2015-16 reading proficiency score for Alston Ridge ES. The 2015-16 reading proficiency for Alston Ridge ES was 87%, not 71% as originally reported in draft 1.

  • Staff is recommending that no changes be made to the under-enrolled Lincoln Heights Elementary base attendance area in 2017-18, because the school will be undergoing a renovation at that time.

Next Steps

After receiving feedback on Draft 2, staff could make further revisions. They then will submit Draft 3, the final draft, to the board in November.

Any additional changes will be made by board members. A public hearing will be held in November or December.

Final approval is expected in November or December. Learn more.

UPDATE NOV. 29: Board members continued discussion at a work session.


Blackstone at Amberly and northern portion of Cary Park 

Board members indicated support for staff's recommendation to change the assignment of students living in Blackstone at Amberly and a northern portion of Cary Park to the new Hortons Creek Elementary School. This is to reduce crowding at Mills Park Elementary School, which currently is at 144% of its planned capacity, with 182 students who live in the base attendance area kept out of the school by an enrollment cap. Mills Park Elementary will remain overcrowded even with this change and will retain an enrollment cap.


Mills Park and Alston Ridge Elementary 4th Graders 

Board members also expressed support for staff's proposal regarding current 4th graders' middle school assignment. A new middle school will open in this area in 2019. At that time, rising seventh grade students who were reassigned in 2017 from Alston Ridge Elementary or Mills Park Elementary to Hortons Creek Elementary, and who experienced a change in school assignment from 4th to 5th grade, will be eligible to grandfather. This is an exception to current policy, which states that only rising 8th graders are eligible to grandfather and stay at their current school when they are assigned to a new school building.


Next Steps

Final approval is expected at the board's regular meeting on Dec. 6.





On Feb. 21, the Board of Education began a review of the efficiency of year-round calendar schools in the district.

It is possible this could lead to some year-round schedule schools being converted to traditional calendar starting in the 2018-19 school year. It also could lead to some Track 4 (single-track) year-round schools being converted to multi-track year-round.

Any changes would not go into effect until the 2018-19 school year.

The primary purpose of these discussions is to determine if changing some school calendars would create more balanced school populations.

If you currently attend one of the affected schools, or live in the base attendance area but attend a different school, please leave your feedback in the appropriate thread below.

Board members will consider all parent feedback as they deliberate.

Discussion will continue at the March 7 board work session. Any votes to change school calendar could occur on March 21.

On Tuesday, March 7, the Wake Board of Education considered recommendations to change the bell schedule for the following schools: Apex High, Apex Elementary, North Forest Pines Elementary, Heritage Elementary and Wake Forest Middle. These changes were discussed at length as board members debated how to balance family and academic needs.

Beginning pay for a bus driver in the Wake County Public School System is $12.55 an hour, which has limited the number of drivers the school system can attract. More information about driver qualifications and requirements can be found here.

If you have feedback on the proposed bell schedule changes, please share them below.


School board members are considering changing Banks Road Elementary, Salem Elementary and Salem Middle School to a traditional calendar in the 2018-19 school year.

They also are considering changing Alston Ridge Elementary to a traditional calendar starting in the 2019-20 school year. Under the current proposal, Alston Ridge Middle would open that year on a traditional calendar. 

No other changes to multi-track calendar schools are under consideration at this time.

Board members discussed staff’s proposal at an April 4 work session.

They will discuss it again on April 18 at a board work session. 

Why is this happening?

Some multi-track year-round schools are under-enrolled. District-wide, there is less overall demand from parents for year-round schools.

The board and staff are considering changes to address the imbalance in demand and make more efficient use of all of our facilities.

Banks Road Elementary, Salem Elementary and Salem Middle are significantly under-enrolled.

Banks Road currently has 418 unused seats. Salem Elementary has 191 available seats. Salem Middle has 143. 

Will I be affected?

The proposed calendar changes at three of the schools would not go into effect until the 2018-19 school year, so current 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th graders would not be affected under the current proposal.

Current 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at Alston Ridge Elementary would not be affected by the current proposal.

The proposed calendar changes, if approved, may affect feeder patterns. Those will be discussed during the 2018-19 enrollment proposal this fall. 

On April 18, board members discussed a number of proposed changes to how families can apply for a year-round calendar option seat or request a traditional calendar option seat. Learn more.

The board likely will discuss this again at their May 2 work session.

UPDATE 11/17: Staff will recommend on Tuesday, Nov. 21, that the board not go forward with this calendar alignment proposal in 2018-19, except for a portion of the Holly Grove Middle base attendance area changing to the Lufkin Road Middle base attendance area. View the presentation. The address look-up tool has been updated to reflect the current proposal


Board of Education has proposed aligning calendars between elementary and middle schools in the Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina and Apex areas.

The proposal is for traditional calendar elementary schools in these areas to feed to a traditional calendar middle school, and year-round calendar elementary schools feed to year-round middle schools.


Use the Draft 3-updated address look-up tool to see if you are proposed to have a new school assignment for 2018-19.


On Monday, Nov. 13, we are inviting parents to a public meeting where attendees will work in small groups to offer feedback on the pros and cons of mismatched calendars, as well as the pros and cons of the current proposal to address the misalignments. Please be aware that there will not be time for everyone to speak individually. Individual comments are best provided using this online forum. RSVP to attend the public meeting at Holly Springs High School, 5329 Cass Holt Road, Holly Springs, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

UPDATE 11/21: Sign up to speak at tonight's public hearing.


On Tuesday, Oct. 17, the Wake County Board of Education began discussions about Draft 2 of the 2018-19 Student Enrollment Proposal.


Here are some of the main proposed changes outlined in Draft 2:

• Remove proposal to assign students from Davis Drive Middle, West Cary Middle and Dillard Drive Middle to East Cary Middle.

• Amend proposed grandfathering rules. Learn more.

• Change some proposed assignments related to the opening of Buckhorn Creek Elementary.

• Changes to the proposed Timber Drive Elementary base attendance area.

• A northeastern portion of the Willow Springs Elementary base attendance area is proposed to attend Banks Road Elementary.

• The Everwood subdivision is proposed to attend Bryan Road Elementary.

• Transfer students at Jeffreys Grove Elementary are proposed to remain at the school.


See if you are proposed to have a new school assignment in 2018-19.


Please submit feedback in the appropriate topic thread.

The school board approved the majority of the 2018-19 Enrollment Plan on Dec. 5 but decided to delay a decision about assignment decisions related to the new Buckhorn Creek Elementary for further discussion.

They will meet on Wednesday at 3 p.m. to discuss.

A final vote on Buckhorn Creek Elementary is expected on Dec. 19.

UPDATE SEPT. 18 - Draft 2

  • The school board received Draft 2 of the 2019-20 Student Enrollment Proposal on Tuesday, Sept. 18.

    Look up your address to see your proposed assignment in Draft 2 of the proposal. 

    Here are the main changes recommended in Draft 2:

    • The following neighborhoods would remain based at Cedar Fork Elementary and West Cary Middle instead of being assigned to Parkside Elementary and Alston Ridge Middle School:
    • Families in the Parkside Elementary base attendance area would have the option to apply to Pleasant Grove Elementary as a traditional calendar application school, as well as Powell Magnet Elementary. Under this proposal, Pleasant Grove calendar application students would not receive district transportation while Powell students would. SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK
    • A portion of the Poe Elementary base would be assigned to the new Southeast Raleigh Elementary. SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK
    • The Draft 1 proposal for all students in the Southeast Raleigh Elementary base attendance area to be assigned to Centennial Middle and Southeast Raleigh High will be phased in, instead of happening immediately. SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK
    • A downtown Raleigh area assigned to Turner Creek Elementary would be assigned to Conn Elementary, Centennial Middle and Southeast Raleigh High beginning 2019-20. Draft 1 had recommended making this change in 2020-21. SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK

    Other considerations

    We have received a good deal of feedback online regarding some of the proposed changes.

    We are not recommending any additional changes at this time, but our staff is continuing to review information regarding proposed assignments from Davis Drive Middle to East Cary Middle and from Mills Park Elementary and Middle to Carpenter Elementary and Alston Ridge Middle (Cameron Pond neighborhood.)

    Today’s presentation contains staff responses to the proposed changes that have prompted the most feedback. 

    What happens next?

    Parents can continue to share their feedback on this forum.

    We also have scheduled four public meetings where parents will have an opportunity to learn more information and share feedback in person.

    Please note that each of these meetings will have a specific topic focus. Please attend the meeting regarding the proposal that applies to you. If you attend a meeting focused on a topic that does not affect you, there will be student assignment staff available to help answer your questions.

    • Sept. 24 - Cary High School, 638 Walnut St., Cary - TOPIC: Proposed assignments related to East Cary and West Cary Middle schools, as well as proposed calendar application school changes.
    • Sept. 26 - Wakefield Middle School, 2300 Wakefield Pines Drive, Raleigh - TOPIC: Proposed assignments to relieve overcrowding at Heritage High School.
    • Oct. 3 - Panther Creek High School - 6770 McCrimmon Parkway, Cary - TOPIC: Proposed assignments related to Alston Ridge Middle School and Parkside Elementary School.
    • Oct. 1 - Apex High School (Green Level campus) - 7600 Roberts Road, Cary - TOPIC: The opening of the new Green Level High School. Information will be presented about likely academic and extracurricular offerings in the first years of the school.

    Draft 3 will be presented to the board on Oct. 16, and the board will then begin working toward a final plan. A vote is expected on Nov. 20. View full timeline.



Draft 1 of the 2019-20 Student Enrollment Proposal was released on Aug. 21.

This is the beginning of a community discussion about the best ways to fill new schools opening in 2019 and to make the best use of existing school facilities. We are committed to ensuring that every child in Wake County attends an excellent school, no matter where they live.

We strive for a collaborative and transparent process. On this forum, we encourage you to find the topic thread that applies to you, then ask questions and provide feedback. School district staff and board members monitor this site regularly.

We will be able to respond directly to questions of process or clarification. We will answer more detailed questions in a frequently asked questions document.