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On Oct. 4, the Wake County Board of Education received Draft 2 of the Enrollment Proposal for the 2017-18 school year.

Since Draft 1 was released last month, staff members have gathered parent feedback via this online forum and at five Board Advisory Council meetings held throughout the district.

Draft 2 spurs another round of public feedback, including this online forum. We will also host two public information sessions, one at Beaverdam Elementary on Oct. 10 and one at Alston Ridge Elementary on Oct. 11. Both meetings will start at 6:30 p.m.

Key discussion points for Draft 2:

  • Prompted by parent feedback, staff looked closely at the Cary Park neighborhood, part of which would have its base attendance area changed the new Hortons Creek Elementary School. After analysis, they recommended no changes. A natural boundary (a lake) separates the portion of Cary Park that would attend Hortons Creek, and it is necessary to move students to both fill Hortons Creek and relieve crowding at Mills Park Elementary School.

  • Alston Ridge Elementary School families asked if the new Hortons Creek Elementary School could be a traditional calendar option for them. Staff is recommending Green Hope and Hortons Creek elementary schools be the calendar options for Alston Ridge instead of Green Hope and Weatherstone elementary schools.

  • Residents of the Southerlyn neighborhood in Cary asked to have their base attendance area changed to Mills Park Middle School. Staff is recommending making this change to correct a calendar mismatch. The neighborhood is currently assigned to traditional calendar White Oak Elementary and year-round calendar Salem Middle School.

  • Staff added more detailed information regarding swing space for upcoming school renovations.

  • Staff corrected the 2015-16 reading proficiency score for Alston Ridge ES. The 2015-16 reading proficiency for Alston Ridge ES was 87%, not 71% as originally reported in draft 1.

  • Staff is recommending that no changes be made to the under-enrolled Lincoln Heights Elementary base attendance area in 2017-18, because the school will be undergoing a renovation at that time.

Next Steps

After receiving feedback on Draft 2, staff could make further revisions. They then will submit Draft 3, the final draft, to the board in November.

Any additional changes will be made by board members. A public hearing will be held in November or December.

Final approval is expected in November or December. Learn more.


Here's a link to the Board Work Session discussion, where staff addresses more questions from board members and parents.


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Topic: Draft 2 FAQ

Q: Have you considered moving other neighborhoods, such as Weldon Ridge or Cameron Pond?

A:  Yes. As we began the multi-year assignment plan, the opening of White Oak Elementary in 2016-17 and Hortons Creek Elementary in 2017-18, and the opening of E50 were all used to develop the preliminary draft attendance areas.  The optimization for best utilization of the new and existing facilities, and the current residential densities and the anticipated growth were part of the algorithm that created the attendance lines for White Oak, Hortons Creek, and E50.  Although White Oak is not currently full, the growth in the defined base for White Oak will fill the school is a very short amount of time.

Q: Have you considered using Carpenter Fire Station Road or McCrimmon Parkway as the boundary? If so, why did you not opt for one of those?

A: Yes.  See response above.

Q: Have you visited Cary Park/Blackstone neighborhoods?

A: Yes, staff members and school board members have visited.

Q: Stonewater subdivision is very close to Hortons Creek. Why isn’t it proposed to be assigned there?

A: The placement of the existing schools, new schools, subdivisions, and residential densities are all taken into consideration as the optimization engine produces a first run draft of the attendance areas. Proximity is a part of the optimization, but it is not always possible for everyone to be assigned to their closest school. In the case of families assigned to Hortons Creek Elementary, draft 1 proposes that Alston Ridge Elementary be their calendar option. In the draft 2 proposal, Hortons Creek is one of the calendar option for Alston Ridge families. That will allow families in the Stonewater subdivision an opportunity to apply for a seat at Hortons Creek.

Q: Why can’t White Oak be used to relieve crowding at Mills Park Elementary?

A: White Oak is providing relief for the crowding at Highcroft Elementary and sits in an area which will have a highest student growth over the next few years.  Hortons Creek is being built to alleviate the crowding at Mills Park and Alston Ridge ES.

Q: Why not assign new neighborhoods to the new school?

A: This would suggest two school assignments for the same attendance area, one assignment for the older established neighborhoods, and another assignment for the newer neighborhoods.  There are inefficiencies with this, and ultimately, all of the neighborhoods will consider themselves established.

Q: What will the calendar options be for middle school students in the Hortons Creek base?

A: This has not yet been determined.

Q: If Alston Ridge Middle School opens as year-round, what will the traditional option be?

A:  This has not yet been determined.

Q: Could Turner Creek Elementary still be the calendar option for Hortons Creek Elementary? Or is Alston Ridge Elementary definitely the calendar option?

A: The 2017-18 proposal names Alston Ridge as the calendar option for Hortons Creek families.

Q: What is the likelihood of receiving your calendar option if requested?

A: We can’t predict parent choices, so it is difficult to forecast the likelihood of you receiving your calendar option. Calendar option requests are granted if there are seats available at the school.

Q: Can busing be provided to grandfathered students? If not, why not?

A: If a family chooses to request a transfer to grandfather at their current school, then district transportation is not provided. The school district does not have the resources to provide busing for families who chose to grandfather.

Q: We have invested a lot in Mills Park, including donating technology, reading materials and more. How will the new school provide my children with the same level of educational benefits?

A: New schools open with the latest in equitable technology and educational benefits as our existing schools.

Q: Could Cary Park remain in tact if Mills Park Elementary and Middle were converted to multi-track year-round?

A: We have not done an analysis of this scenario.

Q: If a rising fourth or fifth grade opts to grandfather, can their younger siblings attend with them, even a rising Kindergartner? 

A: Yes. If one of your students is rising into a grade that is eligible to grandfather, then you can submit an early transfer request for this student to grandfather and remain assigned to their current school as a transfer student. The early transfer application period is in early February. Your children will come home with an assignment strip for the 2017-18 school year in early January. With the assignment strip will come information about the various application periods available to families and the dates of those application periods. If you have a rising kindergarten sibling that you want to attend the same school as the older grandfathered student, then you can submit a transfer request during the early transfer application period at the same time you submit the transfer request for the older sibling to grandfather. Both requests will be granted if they are submitted during the early transfer application period.

Q: My children are proposed to attend Alston Ridge Elementary What is the likelihood of receiving our calendar option if requested? 

A: Our assignment proposal does name Hortons Creek Elementary as one of the calendar options for base students at Alston Ridge. The likelihood of them being selected for Hortons Creek is great but we cannot guarantee anything until we know what choices parents make.

Q: Is transportation provided to calendar option schools?  

A: Yes.  

Q: Do calendar option students have to re-apply each February to keep their seats? 

No, calendar option students do not have to reapply each year once they have been assigned to the school. They can stay there through the terminating grade of the school or until the family has a change in domicile.

Q: When will the Alston Ridge Middle School be built? 

A: It is scheduled to open for the 2019-20 school year. P.S. The schools has not officially been named Alston Ridge Middle School yet.

Q: Will Alston Ridge MS be year-round or traditional?  

The school is currently scheduled to open as a traditional calendar school.  Any changes to this will be considered in conjunction with a review of all of the year-round middle schools in the county. This review expected to take place this winter.

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Hortons Creek will open in 2017 as a traditional calendar K-5 school at 2374 Yates Store Road, Cary

The base attendance areas for the following schools could be impacted:

  • Alston Ridge Elementary School
  • Mills Park Elementary School

Type in your address to see if your base attendance area is proposed to change under Draft 2.

Please respond with feedback below.

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Rogers Lane will open in 2017 as a traditional calendar K-5 school at 201 N. Rogers Lane, Raleigh.

The base attendance areas for the following schools could be impacted:

  • Barwell Road Elementary School
  • Hodge Road Elementary School
  • Knightdale Elementary School
  • Walnut Creek Elementary School

Type in your address to see if your base attendance area is proposed to change under Draft 2.

Please respond with feedback below.

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River Bend will open in 2017 as a traditional calendar grades 6-8 school at 6620 Perry Creek Road, Raleigh.

The base attendance areas for the following schools could be impacted:

  • Durant Road Middle School
  • East Wake Middle School
  • East Millbrook Middle School
  • Rolesville Middle School
  • Wendell Middle School

Type in your address to see if your base attendance area is proposed to change under Draft 2.

Please respond with feedback below.

View video updating progress of construction at River Bend Middle School! 

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Based on parent feedback, staff is recommending making Mills Park Middle School the base school for the Southerlyn neighborhood to correct a calendar mismatch.

The neighborhood is currently assigned to traditional calendar White Oak Elementary and year-round calendar Salem Middle School.

Share your feedback about this below.

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