UPDATE SEPT. 18 - Draft 2

  • The school board received Draft 2 of the 2019-20 Student Enrollment Proposal on Tuesday, Sept. 18.

    Look up your address to see your proposed assignment in Draft 2 of the proposal. 

    Here are the main changes recommended in Draft 2:

    • The following neighborhoods would remain based at Cedar Fork Elementary and West Cary Middle instead of being assigned to Parkside Elementary and Alston Ridge Middle School:
    • Families in the Parkside Elementary base attendance area would have the option to apply to Pleasant Grove Elementary as a traditional calendar application school, as well as Powell Magnet Elementary. Under this proposal, Pleasant Grove calendar application students would not receive district transportation while Powell students would. SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK
    • A portion of the Poe Elementary base would be assigned to the new Southeast Raleigh Elementary. SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK
    • The Draft 1 proposal for all students in the Southeast Raleigh Elementary base attendance area to be assigned to Centennial Middle and Southeast Raleigh High will be phased in, instead of happening immediately. SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK
    • A downtown Raleigh area assigned to Turner Creek Elementary would be assigned to Conn Elementary, Centennial Middle and Southeast Raleigh High beginning 2019-20. Draft 1 had recommended making this change in 2020-21. SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK

    Other considerations

    We have received a good deal of feedback online regarding some of the proposed changes.

    We are not recommending any additional changes at this time, but our staff is continuing to review information regarding proposed assignments from Davis Drive Middle to East Cary Middle and from Mills Park Elementary and Middle to Carpenter Elementary and Alston Ridge Middle (Cameron Pond neighborhood.)

    Today’s presentation contains staff responses to the proposed changes that have prompted the most feedback. 

    What happens next?

    Parents can continue to share their feedback on this forum.

    We also have scheduled four public meetings where parents will have an opportunity to learn more information and share feedback in person.

    Please note that each of these meetings will have a specific topic focus. Please attend the meeting regarding the proposal that applies to you. If you attend a meeting focused on a topic that does not affect you, there will be student assignment staff available to help answer your questions.

    • Sept. 24 - Cary High School, 638 Walnut St., Cary - TOPIC: Proposed assignments related to East Cary and West Cary Middle schools, as well as proposed calendar application school changes.
    • Sept. 26 - Wakefield Middle School, 2300 Wakefield Pines Drive, Raleigh - TOPIC: Proposed assignments to relieve overcrowding at Heritage High School.
    • Oct. 3 - Panther Creek High School - 6770 McCrimmon Parkway, Cary - TOPIC: Proposed assignments related to Alston Ridge Middle School and Parkside Elementary School.
    • Oct. 1 - Apex High School (Green Level campus) - 7600 Roberts Road, Cary - TOPIC: The opening of the new Green Level High School. Information will be presented about likely academic and extracurricular offerings in the first years of the school.

    Draft 3 will be presented to the board on Oct. 16, and the board will then begin working toward a final plan. A vote is expected on Nov. 20. View full timeline.



Draft 1 of the 2019-20 Student Enrollment Proposal was released on Aug. 21.

This is the beginning of a community discussion about the best ways to fill new schools opening in 2019 and to make the best use of existing school facilities. We are committed to ensuring that every child in Wake County attends an excellent school, no matter where they live.

We strive for a collaborative and transparent process. On this forum, we encourage you to find the topic thread that applies to you, then ask questions and provide feedback. School district staff and board members monitor this site regularly.

We will be able to respond directly to questions of process or clarification. We will answer more detailed questions in a frequently asked questions document.

Combs Elementary is crowded and has an enrollment cap, which likely means anyone who moves into the Combs base attendance area cannot attend.

Under this proposal, some students who currently attend Combs would be assigned to Olds Elementary starting in 2019-20.

Share your feedback about this proposal below.

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Jennifer Williams 2 months ago

Please take into account those families that are in walking distance/neighborhood of combs and not transfer. Thank you.

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B Reid about 1 month ago

"Under this proposal, some students who currently attend Combs would be assigned to Olds Elementary starting in 2019-20"

We are a family who has disappointingly been reassigned from our decades-long base at Combs (minus the failed "School Choice Plan" attempt 7yrs ago). The proposed change to handle overcrowding at Combs as described above indicates relocation to Olds Elem., however, we were reassigned to Dillard Dr. Can you please clarify this decision? Will Combs be a potential Magnet School option for us (it was NOT one of our options the year the "School Choice" plan was attempted despite it being our closest magnet option)? Is there any chance that my then rising 1st grader who will be starting kindergarten at Combs next week may be able to be "grandfathered" and be able to stay at Combs?

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Amy Farmer about 1 month ago

I am very concerned with this proposal as this may negatively affect the base students who truly benefit from the amazing magnet program at Combs. Have you considered making Combs year round to alleviate crowding instead of reassigning base students? Will you also decrease the number of magnet students? Some of the classrooms are now double classes. Could you increase the number of double classes instead of reassignment?

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Anisa Radman about 1 month ago

My husband and I will be deeply disappointed and saddened if the Combs overcrowding proposal goes through as currently drafted. We bought our home three and a half years ago (when our daughter was 2) so that Combs would be our base school because we had heard nothing but the best about it. We did not want to chance it with the magnet lottery, so we thought best to buy a house that was assigned to Combs. Our daughter just entered kindergarten and loves it there already. We have another daughter that we hope would also attend in a few years. Our new proposed school is not Olds, but Dillard Drive. I find it strange and disheartening that a current student would be told they cannot attend their beloved school because the overcrowding issue was not resolved until it became a big problem, and the solution is to turn away current families. Would it not be better for this proposal to affect incoming students and not current? Other than airing grievances on this forum, what else can we do? What is the next step?

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Adriana Szabo about 1 month ago

Is there any possibility that WCPSS could allow students who would be in 5th grade in the 2019-2020 school year to finish their elementary school cycle where they started it? Our kid started ES at Combs as a kindergartner and we would love if he could finish there before he moves into Middle school.

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Anna Totten at October 10, 2018 at 12:36pm EDT

The new delineation between Combs and Dillard is at Gorman Street. The area between Gorman Street and the next street to the east, Trailwood Drive, is a low-density area. This area has little ability for student fluctuation over the long-term given the low-density zoning and floodplain designation. I ask WCPSS to consider moving the new boundary by one street to include a small number of Combs students to continue their education at the school they know and love.

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