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UPDATE 12/04: The address look-up tool has been updated to reflect all assignment changes.

UPDATE 12/03: The board approved assignment changes for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 school years. The only change made today from Draft 2 is that students reassigned from Highcroft Drive Elementary to Turner Creek Elementary will have Baucom Elementary as their traditional calendar application school instead of Green Hope Elementary, as originally opposed. The address look-up tool will be updated to reflect this change tomorrow and then shared with all families in the district.

On Nov. 5, staff presented the Board of Education with Draft 2 of the student enrollment proposal.

The Draft 2 proposal was developed after staff and board members considered feedback and questions from parents gathered over several weeks, both online and at three Open House information sessions.

Here are the changes made from Draft 1 to Draft 2:

-Draft 2 Change: Students who were proposed to be reassigned from Highcroft Drive Elementary to Salem Elementary in Draft 1 are now proposed to attend Turner Creek Elementary.
Purpose: Provides these families with a more proximate school assignment and helps ensure Salem Elementary doesn’t get too crowded.

-Draft 2 Change: Students who were proposed to be reassigned from Brassfield Elementary to Wakefield Elementary are now proposed to remain at Brassfield. Staff plans to make a revised recommendation next year.
Purpose: Draft 1 split the River Run neighborhood. 

Draft 2 Change: Students who were proposed to be reassigned from Fuquay-Varina Middle to North Garner Middle in Draft 1 are now proposed to attend West Lake Middle.
Purpose: Provides these families with a more proximate school assignment.

-Draft 2 Change: A northern portion of the Highcroft Drive Elementary base that currently is undeveloped is proposed to be reassigned to Carpenter Elementary and Alston Ridge Middle.
Purpose: Will help prevent future overcrowding at Highcroft Drive Elementary.

-Draft 2 Change: Adding currently undeveloped land to the Fuquay-Varina High base.
Purpose: Will help ensure a healthy school population at Fuquay-Varina High. Draft 1 proposal would have reduced Fuquay-Varina High School to 69% capacity in 2023-24.

What’s next?

-Draft 2 marks the final recommendation from staff. Any changes to the proposal going forward would come from the direction of the school board.

-Parents can continue to use our online forum to share feedback and ask questions. Board members and staff will continue to monitor the forum as they work toward a final plan.

-Community members will be able to address the board directly during a public hearing on Nov. 19 at 6 p.m.

-If necessary, the board will discuss any additional changes at a work session on the afternoon of Dec. 3. A final vote is expected at the regular board meeting starting at 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 3.

-Find the thread related to your proposed assignment below. There you can ask questions and provide feedback.


As a reminder: We welcome feedback and questions on this site, but please be respectful. We encourage you to remember that others love their school as much as you love yours. Questions and comments that focus on academics and logistics are helpful to us and to other parents. Personal attacks and, of course, vulgarity have no place in this discussion and will be deleted. We encourage you to find out more about any school at this page. Better yet, visit schools. The benefit of visiting a school greatly outweighs any information you can glean from a single letter grade or third-party web site. Thanks in advance for your feedback – critical or not – and other helpful contributions to this forum.


Address: 1433 Old Honeycutt Road, Fuquay-Varina

Grades: K-5

Calendar: Traditional

Capacity: 716

Some students currently attending Fuquay-Varina Elementary and Willow Spring Elementary are proposed to attend South Lakes Elementary.


Please share your questions and feedback about this proposal in the thread below.

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Paula MillerJoyce 5 months ago

With the new school assignment plan, I wanted to express the frustration of being forced to use a new school that it is not known if a Before and After school care program is going to be available. With two working parents this is a necessary service that we utilize now and will need to continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Along with that is the stress of not knowing if there is a service available, that it will be an affordable option within my own budget and if it is even located at the school. Busing is not an option as it isn't appropriate to leave an elementary school child to walk home alone and then stay alone until 6pm and have had experiences with days where the bus doesn't even show up in the mornings. In addition, WCPSS transportation will not allow a child to ride the bus to a different stop from the home location.

If I could grandfather my child into current school, FVES, I could continue to use the services with no need for busing. But I'm not even given that option either.

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Matt Dees admin 5 months ago

Paula, here is some information with our director of extended learning programs:

I understand the parent's inquiry and concern. However, as you likely know, it is the principal's decision to determine if and which before and after care program to utilize for their school depending on several factors such as need of the families and community, options available near the school, and staff to operate the program. I can say that all of our elementary schools have at least 1 option for before and/or after care program for their families, again based upon the need and resources at the school.

Options for a principal to consider are running a WCPSS B/A care program at the school with WCPSS staff, City of Raleigh Parks and Rec is often run at the school, the YMCA can be run at the school or at a YMCA facility, Boys and Girls Club and The Salvation Army.

I have advised parents to pay attention to the website and or the news around January/February to determine when a new principal is named for the school. Once that occurs, they may reach out to the principal, share their concern and needs, and the principal can take that into consideration as they are determining which program to access.

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Joseph Boos 5 months ago

Trying to stay current with what is going on is dizzying. We are being reassigned from WSES (year-round) to SLES (traditional). Draft 1 had our year-round application option set for Ballentine. Draft 2 no longer presents any options. Are these changing? Are any going to be made available or are we to assume that we are stuck with the switch to SLES and it’s traditional calendar? The culture and environment at WSES is amazing. SLES is an unknown, obviously. New facilities are great, but unproven. If it were a year-round school we’d be okay with the reassignment. Ballentine I cannot speak to other than that which can be found online... which by most accounts pails in comparison to WS. Would we have the option to stay where we are? If Ballentine were to be made our only year-round option the distance from our home would double and we’d be forced to traverse that god-forsaken intersection at 401 and Sunset Lake.

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Matt Dees admin 5 months ago

The year-round application options did not change from Draft 1 to Draft 2. Sorry for the confusion.

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Megan Kohne 5 months ago

I'm reposting below what I posted during the 1st draft, as nothing was addressed. But in addition to that, I hope that WCPSS will take great care in selecting the principal for South Lakes, ensuring the principal is of the same nature and caliber as those at Willow Springs and Fuquay Varina Elementary. I also hope WCPSS makes the principal selection well in advance of the year-round application/transfer window closing date. The parents and families affected by this new school opening at least deserve the opportunity to make informed decisions and not be blocked out of choice. Parents also need to know what type of before/after school offerings will be available from both WCPSS and/or local daycares/providers. The late start times of elementary schools around here make it near impossible to be a dual-income working family without the option of before/after school care. I sincerely hope that South Lakes will be outfitted with flexible seating options - it's so necessary in addressing the educational needs of kids nowadays. Lastly, I wish that the boundaries would be reassessed to make the boundaries make more sense and neighborhoods not be divided between schools and I do wish that WCPSS would consider opening South Lakes as a track-4 only year round school so that those students shifting from year-round can remain on a schedule more consistent to what they've grown accustomed to, while providing those students coming from a traditional school an equal transition.

From Draft 1: While I understand WCPSS' reasoning for not giving Willow Springs Elementary School as the year-round option to students being force moved to South Lakes Elementary, it's disappointing to have our only year-round option as Ballentine. Willow Springs students are being moved from one of the best elementary schools in the county to either a complete unknown (since it'll be new) or one that's received mixed opinions from current/former parents, social media boards, and ratings websites. I know there's a lot more to a school than just the ratings/rankings, and I personally hold more weight to hearing opinions from current/former parents that have had students there. I wish that Willow Springs could be a year round option for students that at least live on the eastern side of SR55 (south/north lakes, partin place etc), as Willow Springs is just so much closer. Logistically, it just makes sense, especially with the future NCDOT widening of SR55 in that area.

The Principal/Vice Principal at Willow Springs is absolutely wonderful and has created an amazing culture at the school. She supports all students and her staff in an amazing way - just look at the teacher retention rate at the school. The teachers obviously want to be there for a reason. I've also heard amazing things about the Principal at Fuquay Varina Elementary. For students to leave these amazing principals for an unknown principal/administration is a scary proposition. I sincerely hope that WCPSS will take great care in choosing the principal of South Lakes Elementary and I hope they do so before the transfer request period ends so that parents can make informed decisions. These students being torn away from amazing principals and staff deserve to at least have a principal of the same caliber, care, and nature as the principals they are leaving behind. I cannot speak for the principal at Fuquay Elementary, but I can 100% say that Mrs. Miller fully embodies the schools mission of "embracing the needs of every child, empowering them to reach their full potential" and she allows her staff to do the same. I truly believe that to have a great school, you have to have a great administrative team that fully supports their staff in all capacities. The administration sets the tone and culture for the staff and thus, the students.

I was also very surprised and disappointed by the boundary. I understand that this school was built to alleviate the crush mostly on FVES, but I really think everything west of Kennebec/Maude Stewart should have been moved to South Lakes, especially the new Hidden Valley community. According to the map in the draft, that neighborhood is going to be split in two (even though right now, the only homes being sold are in the section that will go to Willow Springs). Having a community torn into two schools can lead to the have/have-nots scenario. The section that's slotted to go to South Lakes that's to the west of Main Street is crazy to me. There is no direct way for the buses to get to south lakes. It logistically makes more sense for them to remain at FVES or to even be added into the Lincoln Height district. I also find it crazy that there are students that live along dwight rowland (literally less than a minute away from WSES) that go to Banks Road Elementary. That's just not logistically smart. Same with some of the homes that got moved to Banks 2 years ago - they live less than 5 mintues from WSES, but yet are bussed to a school so much farther away.

I also think that South Lakes should be added as the traditional calendar-option to those people that are remaining in the WSES district. There are families within the WSES district that would like to attend South Lakes if given the opportunity because it's closer and provides a better sense of community than FVES does. I hope WCPSS will reevaluate their mindset behind this, opening South Lakes as a traditional option to others. Speaking of traditional, I was very disappointed that South Lakes has been set as a traditional calendar school. A very large precentage of students will be coming from a year-round calendar and this change will negatively affect students that have only ever operated on a year round schedule and will affect family logistics/work schedules. I wish WCPSS would consider a modified calendar or even just a track-4 year round schedule for South Lakes instead of traditional. Those two calendar options are close enough to traditional that would easily allow those students coming from FVES to adjust.

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Megan Kohne 5 months ago

Also, if we are at WSES and we apply to Ballentine, are we guaranteed the same track? If not, we should be. It's a lot to ask children and their parents to switch schools, but to also change their schedule is even more burdensome.

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Matt Dees admin 5 months ago

Megan, there would not be a guarantee of the same track. I know principals do their best to give parents their first or second choice.

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