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UPDATE NOV. 29: Board members continued discussion at a work session.


Blackstone at Amberly and northern portion of Cary Park 

Board members indicated support for staff's recommendation to change the assignment of students living in Blackstone at Amberly and a northern portion of Cary Park to the new Hortons Creek Elementary School. This is to reduce crowding at Mills Park Elementary School, which currently is at 144% of its planned capacity, with 182 students who live in the base attendance area kept out of the school by an enrollment cap. Mills Park Elementary will remain overcrowded even with this change and will retain an enrollment cap.


Mills Park and Alston Ridge Elementary 4th Graders 

Board members also expressed support for staff's proposal regarding current 4th graders' middle school assignment. A new middle school will open in this area in 2019. At that time, rising seventh grade students who were reassigned in 2017 from Alston Ridge Elementary or Mills Park Elementary to Hortons Creek Elementary, and who experienced a change in school assignment from 4th to 5th grade, will be eligible to grandfather. This is an exception to current policy, which states that only rising 8th graders are eligible to grandfather and stay at their current school when they are assigned to a new school building.


Next Steps

Final approval is expected at the board's regular meeting on Dec. 6.






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