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A major component of our new strategic plan is learning and leaching. The resources and support we provide for teachers and students in the classroom will be critical to our overarching goal of having at least 95 percent of students graduating by 2020.

The input of our teachers, students, parents and community is essential to our success. Please take a few moments to review the questions below. We welcome your thoughts on any or all of the topics you choose.



How can students be more involved in their own learning at school, home and in the community?
In your experience, what are students' greatest challenges today with learning?


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Topic: Student Voice

How can the community engage in connecting learning to the real world? How can we strengthen this type of engagement? What are the benefits of connecting a student's learning to the community in which they live? What are the challenges?

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Topic: Rigor
Tell us an example of a great experience in which your child was challenged academically and ultimately mastered a subject or unit of study. What did the teacher do?  How was the experience different from the regular classroom experience?
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How do we ensure all students access technology access in their learning?
In what ways can we make learning happen outside the school day and school year?
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