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To keep up with projected growth in some parts of the county and prevent the overcrowding of schools, we’re opening three new schools:

Other parts of the proposal are aimed at relieving some overcrowded schools, increasing the base attendance areas at under-utilized schools, and improving transportation efficiency. 

Some students affected by this proposal will be able to submit a stability transfer and remain at their current school. Review the stability rules.

Enter your address to see if you're proposed to have a new school assignment in 2022-23.

Find the thread below that applies to you and share any questions and feedback. Staff and board members review questions and feedback as they prepare for the second draft of the proposal, which is scheduled to be presented to the board on Nov. 16. View timeline.

Under this proposal, some students currently assigned to Oberlin Middle School would be assigned to Leesville Road Middle School.  See if you are proposed to be affected

Some students affected by this proposal would be eligible to stay at their current school under our stability rules

Please share your feedback about this proposal below.

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Whitney Jones over 2 years ago

As a parent that would be affected by this change (eventually - my children are in elementary school), I am fully in support of this. I would appreciate having a middle school that is in closer proximity to my home.

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Brandon Pearson over 2 years ago

In looking over the proposed enrollment I noticed that Leesville Middle and High were now going to be crossing Glenwood Avenue to include the Umstead Ridge and Umstead Village communities, but our neighboring Lake Anne Community which also connects to Glenwood Avenue was not included on that proposal.

On the proposals, there are 2 reasons listed for changes that I feel should include our community in that proposal:

  1. Proximity to the school a. Lake Anne Subdivision is 1.6 Miles from Leesville and a 3-4 minute drive b. Lake Anne Subdivision is 6.2 miles from Oberlin (16 minute drive) and 8.2 miles from Broughton (19 minutes)
  2. Help with Capacity a. Leesville Middle School is at a proposed 2022-23 capacity of 65% and Oberlin is at 105% per page 38 of the proposal. b. Leesville High School is at a proposal 2022-23 capacity of 97% and Broughton is at 104% per page 40 of the proposal.

I feel these 2 factors should make Lake Anne a great candidate to get redistricted to Leesville Middle and High School

During the Working Session on 10/5/2021 2 board members spoke up in saying that Oberlin and Broughton need some more relief and Leesville should be utilized more. This Community and the area that is only a mile from Leesville make the most sense to get that relief from.

On top of helping with proximity and capacity, adding Lake Anne would also help with the bus routes, as they could create a quick loop through Umstead Ridge and connect back to Glenwood through Lake Anne.

Also when you overlap the Pleasant Grove Elementary Map (our community current assignment) with Oberlin and Broughton you can see that Lake Anne will be one of the only a few communities that attends Pleasant Grove but does not funnel to Leesville Middle with the new proposal, therefore meaning that when it comes to middle school, kids in our community will not know any peers.

Please consider making the logical and right decision for our students and adding Lake Anne Community to this change.

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Anna Letchworth over 2 years ago

Hello; We are on Graylyn Dr. which is still slated for Oberlin/BHS, but all the neighborhoods around us are now proposed to go to Leesville schools. I believe in the school board meeting, there was mention of the one little area near Umstead that would be included in the reassignment. We just wanted to be included in the reassignment whatever way it goes with the neighborhoods we are in, instead of being separate from our neighbors. Thank you; Anna Letchworth

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Cecilia Neeb over 2 years ago

Good evening, we'd like to know if this is going to affect the 2022-2023 school year. We have a rising 6th grader (OMS is currently our home base school) and we would really like him to follow his sibling's path through Oberlin Middle School. Could you please help us finding out what would the process be for ensuring this? Thank you so much!

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