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To keep up with projected growth in some parts of the county and prevent the overcrowding of schools, we’re opening three new schools:

Other parts of the proposal are aimed at relieving some overcrowded schools, increasing the base attendance areas at under-utilized schools, and improving transportation efficiency. 

Some students affected by this proposal will be able to submit a stability transfer and remain at their current school. Review the stability rules.

Enter your address to see if you're proposed to have a new school assignment in 2022-23.

Find the thread below that applies to you and share any questions and feedback. Staff and board members review questions and feedback as they prepare for the second draft of the proposal, which is scheduled to be presented to the board on Nov. 16. View timeline.

Under this proposal, some students currently assigned to Leesville Road High School would be assigned to Enloe, Broughton and Sanderson High schools.  See if you are proposed to be affected
Some students affected by this proposal would be eligible to stay at their current school under our stability rules
Please share your feedback about this proposal below.

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Helene Elliston over 2 years ago

This switch from Leesville High to Millbrook High makes no sense. The school board tried this 11 years ago and agreed that the difference in distance traveled and time on the bus made no sense for Boulder Creek neighborhood. Now you have switched only a few neighborhoods but none around Boulder Creek except for Hawthorne neighborhood. I am puzzled why Barton's Creek Overlook or Barton's Creek Bluffs are kept in Leesville High. These two neighborhoods that surround us. Please keep us at Leesville! Thank you.

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Sterling Matthews over 2 years ago

So I have heard the the kids who live in the Lakes at Umstead neighborhood near Umstead Park go to Athens Drive High School but not Broughton. I think that this is absurd because the kids go to elementary and middle school with future Broughton students. The child has to make new friends and release all those middle school and elementary school. This is bad for the mental health of the children. The base assignment for this neighborhood is Oberlin and all the other skids go to Broughton for high school. Also, Broughton is closer to the neighborhood. Please send those kids to Broughton and not Athens! Thank you.

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