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To keep up with projected growth in some parts of the county and prevent the overcrowding of schools, we’re opening three new schools:

Other parts of the proposal are aimed at relieving some overcrowded schools, increasing the base attendance areas at under-utilized schools, and improving transportation efficiency. 

Some students affected by this proposal will be able to submit a stability transfer and remain at their current school. Review the stability rules.

Enter your address to see if you're proposed to have a new school assignment in 2022-23.

Find the thread below that applies to you and share any questions and feedback. Staff and board members review questions and feedback as they prepare for the second draft of the proposal, which is scheduled to be presented to the board on Nov. 16. View timeline.

Under this proposal, some students currently assigned to Leesville Road High School would be assigned to Sanderson High School.  See if you are proposed to be affected

Some students affected by this proposal would be eligible to stay at their current school under our stability rules

Please share your feedback about this proposal below.

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Amy Moreau over 2 years ago

I am a Sanderson parent and we would welcome new students to our school! Given that Sanderson is under enrolled, adding assignment nodes would help both Sanderson and the students who get to experience our school, and is an efficient use of space and facilities. We have an amazing school community which is under utilized, due (in part) to the fact that most of the middle schools that feed into Sanderson are magnet schools, and yet Sanderson is not a magnet. Perhaps it is worth considering Sanderson for a magnet designation in the near future--every year I get calls from parents wanting to find out how to transfer from overcrowded schools like Broughton and Millbrook to Sanderson, and it's a shame that there is not an easy way to fill our available seats. I would be very interested to explore magnet options that would provide a small percentage of magnet seats and a theme that could perhaps build on the elevated interest in Sanderson's Academy of Finance.

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Cyndi Soter ONeil over 2 years ago

As a Sanderson parent, I'm grateful to see assignment nodes coming to Sanderson in the proposed plan -- we would welcome students from Leesville to the Spartan family. Sanderson has been under-enrolled for several years, given that we aren't a magnet school (unlike the magnet elementary and magnet middle schools that are feeder schools into Sanderson), so it would be a smart use of facilities and a boost to ADM to have additional nodes assigned to Sanderson.

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Henry DeHart over 2 years ago

As a parent with two children current at Sanderson High School, my wife and I would welcome families from Leesville to join the Sanderson Community. As the smallest high school in the Wake County school system, Sanderson has a strong feeling of community and support. As mentioned in earlier posts, as one of the only non-magnet high schools, Sanderson is currently under-enrolled as some students choose to stick with their magnet track. With no easy way to welcome other students, Sanderson is at a disadvantage. This move will help address the imbalance that is a result of the magnet structure. We'd love to have these families join our community!

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